Welcome to the random technical musings of Oliver Gibbs.

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What I Do

Oliver Gibbs is an IT Technical Architect and Engineering Professional, delivering outcomes that maximise business value through the efficient use of information technology.

Oliver’s background is in Cloud, DevSecOps, infrastructure platforms, networking and security within the retail, banking, financial services and telco verticals. His experience within IT delivery spans two decades. He is passionate about Cloud and the opportunities Cloud technologies present to business.


Is AWS Certified

Oliver is among a select few that have achieved nine of the eleven AWS Certifications, has solid infrastructure understanding, software development knowledge and coding experience.

Oliver also assists AWS in the development of AWS Certification Examinations by serving as a Subject Matter Expert for the AWS Security Specialty Certification Examination and AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certification Examination.

Oliver Gibbs is AWS Certified.

Is Google Cloud Certified

Oliver has achieved the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification, gained through the experience he has gained over the last few years working with GCP. He aims to continue his certification journey and achieve more of the GCP certificates on this exciting platform.

IT Certification

He also holds CISSP, TOGAF v9.1 Certified and ITILv3 Foundation and is a member of the Association of Enterprise Architects.


Software Development and Programming

Oliver enjoys the challenge software development presents.

For Cloud environments, languages of choice include Golang, node.js and Python for Serverless, Data and Machine Learning applications. In addition, he regularly uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using AWS Cloudformation or Hashicorp Terraform HCL.

As a hobby, Oliver dabbles with embedded systems or IoT applications and enjoys C and Rust.



His experience within IT delivery spans two decades and he is passionate about cloud infrastructure and the enablement opportunities cloud technologies present to business.